New bus routes for Terminal 5

Hotel News - 27/03/2008

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Passengers flying in or out of Heathrow International Airport in London choose their accommodation carefully. For those with early morning flights, a hotel as close to the airport as possible is usually the best option, while those with a little more time may choose a place of lodging somewhere along the tube line that runs straight to the airport. Taking the tube is a predictable way to arrive on time, while travelling by bus or taxi you are always at the mercy of London’s infamously congested traffic.

With the completion of Heathrow Terminal 5, those that can handle a bus trip will be happy to know that Transport for London, TfL, plans to adapt its existing network of buses to accommodate the new terminal. There will be five new routes starting from next week, when the terminal will officially open to passengers. 16 buses per hour will connect Terminal 5 with areas of the city like Richmond, Hounslow and Southall.

Aside from serving greater London, TfL plans to offer bus service to other areas like Watford, Windsor, Slough and Staines. Terminal 5 will also be accessible by train, coach and shuttles.

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