Engine trouble strands passengers in airport hotel

Hotel News - 07/04/2008

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Many Easyjet customers spent the night in an airport hotel in Greece after a problem with their airplane cause the company to abort the flight and turn around.

A spokesperson from the low-cost carrier confirmed that flight EZY 2002 took off from Athens bound for London Luton airport but turned around in mid-flight due to a “technical problem”.

The spokesperson confirmed that the flight had landed safely in Athens.

According to reports, the Boeing 737 aircraft registered a problem in one of its engines not long after taking off and almost immediately requested permission to make an emergency landing. The plane jettisoned most of its fuel and returned to Athens.

The Easyjet spokesperson said that 119 passengers were on board at the time. All the passengers had the choice of being rebooked on a flight later in the day to Gatwick or of staying overnight in accommodations at a nearby airport hotel.

She said: "The flight returned from airborne due to a technical problem and passengers who wanted to were transferred to the next available flight to Gatwick 40 minutes later.

"We don't know the nature of the technical problem yet but our engineers are investigating."

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