Airport hotel home to rare newts

Hotel News - 17/04/2008

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An airport hotel near Durham Tees Valley Airport has a unique problem with its swimming pool. The half constructed pool has become the home of hundreds of newts.

A pool is currently being constructed to specifically house the colony of newts on site, however the newts will be the subject of a rescue operation to move them to a safer location.

The pool was the first stage of a hotel development which never got completed. After the pool had been built, the developer went bankrupt. It was at that point that the newts took up residence on the site.

Sven Investments recently took over the management of the site and has resumed development of the hotel. Representatives from the company have called upon conversationalists to help preserve the newts and help shift them to a more appropriate habitat so that development of the hotel can go on.

The newts in residence at the airport hotel’s pool are special because among them are the great crested variety of newt, which is considered a protected species. As a result, Naturally Wild, a conservation organization, was called in by Sven Investments to handle the relocation process properly.

A spokesperson from Sven Investments said: “They will be taken to a more newt-friendly temporary home, but we are hoping to create a pond on the site so they can come back later.”

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