InterContinental Hotels offers new credit card

Hotel News - 05/05/2008

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The InterContinental Hotel chain, a group with airport hotels located across the world, has announced that it will be partnering with Barclaycard in order to offer travelers a new credit card. The card is designed to appeal to globe-trotters as it offers travel-related benefits, especially to those who stay in InterContinental Hotels while abroad.

The main advantage of the new card is that it enables travelers to collect points and redeem them for accommodation at InterContinental hotels across the globe. In order to encourage new members to sign up, 10,000 bonus points are being offered for the first transaction with the card.

At the moment, the card is advertising an interest rate of 16.9 per cent and offers clients the ability to select six months interest free as a payment option for balance transfers.

According to Elizabeth Chambers, the chief marketing officer for Barclaycards, the partnership with InterContinental is proof that Barclay’s is one of the top options for specialized credit card products, particularly for international businesses and organizations.

Barclayscard has a strong name in the business travel industry. In addition to its financial services, the firm also monitors and predicts trends in the industry.

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