Airport hotels help save on parking

Hotel News - 19/05/2008

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A recent study by Travelrobe, a popular travel company in the UK, found that staying at an airport hotel and taking advantage of their airport parking deals can be one of the most easy and inexpensive ways to get to the airport.

Travellers with very early flights who are looking to save money when it comes to travelling to the airport are advised to investigate the area’s airport hotels.

The Best Western in Gatwick offers an overnight stay the night before a flight and includes two weeks of parking in their £172.75 price. Parking at a nearby hotel is extremely convenient, especially for those with early flights or who are flying with families.

Travelling with families often makes it difficult to take public transportation, particularly when the children are young or when there are lots of bags involved. Some families even opt to book a hotel room for their return flight to give the parents a chance to rest and relax before driving home.

Most parking and hotel deals at airports are offered at discounted rates the further in advance they are booked. Travelers making summer vacation plans are urged to consider their airport transportation and accommodation needs now in order to qualify for advance booking savings.

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