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Hotel News - 05/06/2008

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An independent company in the UK is now offering a new service to airport hotels. Flight Time Television (FTTV) is being broadcast in local airport hotel rooms across the world as well as in hotel lobbies and anywhere with a screen that is html capable.

CEO for FTTV, Ron Koning, says: “Flight Time TV was developed to meet the demand for new, innovative and highly desired guest amenities. The concept of displaying flight information in the Guest rooms is new, but definitely makes sense when your life-line is travelers. Everybody wins.”

One of the most popular features of FTTV is that travellers can easily and quickly learn if their flight has been delayed before leaving the comfort of their hotel rooms. Instead of checking out, travelling to the terminal and then learning there are several unanticipated hours left before the flight, travelers can enjoy the extra time in the comfort of their rooms.

For hotel operators, one of the benefits of the system is that it requires no maintenance. The information comes to the screen from an internet feed which comes directly from the airport and thus provides accurate real time flight information data.

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