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Hotel News - 27/06/2008

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With the American dollar circling the drain, lots of people are still interested in overseas travel and want to visit destinations where the holiday budget remain reasonable. One often asked question is:

"I understand travelling across Europe is really costly now with the battered dollar, but how do Spainish destinations compare? Is it a relatively expensive or relatively cheap country to visit compared to other European countries?"

My short answer is always, "In general Spain is less expensive than the other significant West European tourist destinations but more expensive than most of the nations in Eastern Europe." This often asked question, however, raises the issue of how travelers can compare holiday destination expenses, generally, around our planet.

Unfortunately, this is pretty difficult: A foolproof method I don’t know yet. I can, however, offer some advice. Sunday travel sections, magazines, and guidebooks—are full of stories about cool destinations that always include some information on relative expenses. The majority of these, firsthand travel-related articles are quite recent and are probably an outstanding approach—with the caveat that a certain story is usually heavily influenced by the writer’s personal opinion and they depend strongly on the writer’s point of view.

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