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Hotel News - 18/08/2008

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The hotels’ bars are usually kept in a twilight state so businessmen who are suffering from jet lag can drink guilt-free at most any time of the day or night. Corridors are typically linked with trays of partially-eaten food left outside guestroom doors. The staff are bored and know that service has little to do with repeat business.

For those who are in search of more in an airport accommodation there is good news at UK airports, with the opening of new hotels. One in particular is making quite substantial claims about its being luxurious, stylish and even 'sexy.’

The hotel is aspiring to be a destination in its own right, with enough charm and glamour to lure guests into staying – or dining – even if they’re not flying off somewhere soon.

The new property is the five-star, £180 million Sofitel at Heathrow Airport, linked to Terminal 5 by a passenger bridge from the arrivals area. It is the only on-site hotel, and seems by what it offers to be in a different league from the traditional airport hotel.

Khuan Chew, the designer of the Burj al Arab in Dubai, was the hotel’s interior designer. Albert Roux is responsible for the premier restaurant in the hotel. There’s a tea salon that boasts 40 specialty offerings. One of the guest suites features a bathroom with Swarovski crystal taps.

“It's not an airport hotel; it's a five-star luxury hotel which just happens to be at an airport,” commented the owner, Surinder Arora.

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