Heathrow hotel to be built from shipping containers

Hotel News - 04/09/2008

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In Uxbridge, a London suburb, a new 120-room hotel has sprouted up. Construction took around four months to complete, which is almost a year shorter than had it been built using traditional methods, according to Travelodge spokesperson, Greg Dawson.

The four month period included the time necessary for laying the building foundations. The actual construction time was reduced from 15 or more months to only four, he said. The property opened on 15 August.

Modified steel shipping containers created the basic structure for the new hotel. They were individually-fitted with hotel fixtures in China and then moved to the UK by ship, Travelodge reported. Once on site, the 86 individual containers were then were stacked “like giant Lego blocks” and the building was mostly complete in approximately 20 days.

The method of construction is an efficient one, which also makes construction possible in challenging locations, Dawson noted. He indicated that the Uxbridge hotel is located in a busy city shopping district, on the site of a former bus station, where traditional construction methods may not have been possible due to limited access.

Travelodge is considering the possibility of building more hotels from shipping containers in Britain. A project of this type is underway in a 310-guest room property near Heathrow Airport that is scheduled to open in December, according to the company’s spokesperson.

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