Five star Ayurvedic detox at Bad Wildstein spa

Hotel News - 08/09/2008

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A comprehensive spa programme begins with yoga classes early in the morning, conducted in a glass-walled room with open windows that allow in the sounds and sights of the adjoining parkland. Meditation and a light breakfast of natural muesli follow.

The programme continues with Ayurvedic massage, which includes a shirodhara treatment, in which warm oil is slowly dripped on the forehead. In the afternoon, guests benefit from a consultation with one of the doctors on staff, followed by another yoga session and then a light, early supper.

The schedule’s full, but not exactly demanding.

Detoxification is the aim of the 10-day treatment programme, and is most often found in either India or Sri Lanka.

Today, it’s possible to find this kind of treatment in the west, but the Parkshloesschen is one of the only spa resorts that offer the programme in five-star surroundings. The main building of the property is a five-storey, Art Nouveau design, located at Traben-Trabach, not far from the city of Frankfurt.

Authentic Ayurvedic treatments are offered in hospital-clean surroundings. They specialize in the form of detoxification known as panchakarma, in which weight melts from the body and significantly-beneficial health benefits are gained.

The Parkschloesschen is easily accessible, as the small Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is just a 20 minute taxi ride away. Ryanair provides regularly-scheduled service from the UK to Frankfurt-Hahn.

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