Islamabad Marriott targeted by terrorist bomb

Hotel News - 22/09/2008

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The popular hotel is located near the home of Pakistan’s prime minister and the Parliament.

More than 40 people were killed in the explosion, which also caused injuries to at least 200 others, according to the police at the scene.

Early reports indicated that some people were trapped inside the hotel, which had burst into flames from a natural gas leak.

Details were sketchy, and reports conflicting, regarding the bombing itself and on the number of fatalities and injured. Reports stated that one or more vehicles were involved in the suicide bombing of the hotel, which had also been the target of previous terrorist attacks.

A fire broke out on the hotel’s top floor after the explosion, caused by a natural gas leak, official reported. The entire five-storey, 258-room hotel was subsequently engulfed by the flames.

According to local polices, the vehicle bomb explode at around 7:30 pm, after the breaking of the daily fast of Ramadan.

A long path of destruction was left from the explosion, including broken windows, felled trees, and many burned-out cars on the street leading up to the hotel.

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