Prince of Wales urges more attention on tourism impact

Hotel News - 09/10/2008

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His comments were delivered to attendees at the ABTA annual convention, and he indicated that although much has been done to protect the environment, efforts need to be "redoubled." He stressed that without a concerted effort to take proper care of the world’s wonders that they will be threatened – and that it was these wonders that inspired people to travel in the first place.

The Prince’s comments were seen by video that was broadcast to the conference delegates at the meeting in Gran Canaria.

"As the number of travellers increases dramatically, and as the environmental impacts for which they are directly and indirectly responsible become more damaging, the efforts which have to be taken by the travel and tourism business to minimise those impacts needs to be on a heroic scale," he continued.

He applauded the initiatives that the tourism industry has already put in place: "There is, however, so much more that can be done and if we are to continue to enjoy the benefits of travel while at the same time safeguarding natural treasures, we must, I fear, redouble our efforts.

"One contribution that I hope to make in the coming year is to stimulate new and urgent action to save the world's remaining tropical rainforests."

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