Tories recommend trains for holidays abroad

Hotel News - 10/11/2008

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The shadow transport secretary, Theresa Villiers, is saying that when air passengers take into consideration the amount of time spent getting to and from airports, the time spent in check in and waiting in security queues and the actual duration of their flights, they will find that flying is likely to be only marginally quicker than rail travel to the continent.

She also indicated that travellers should consider the environmental impact of their means of travel as well. "We feel it's part of our job to encourage people to make greener choices and to give them attractive, greener transport alternatives,” she added. "In the relatively near future it won't be that unusual for people to take the train to the South of France."

Conservatives are rejecting the plan supported by the Government's to increase capacity at Heathrow airport by building a third runway, and adding a sixth terminal by 2020. They are proposing instead £16 billion on a high-speed rail link between London and the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, by 2027.

Villiers stressed that her party also opposes the construction of new runways at Stansted and Gatwick airports. Currently, the Government is backing plans that call for a new runway at Stansted to be built by 2015, and for a new runway at Gatwick, after 2019, if the third runway at Heathrow is not constructed.

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