Most DC hotels fully booked for inauguration

Hotel News - 13/11/2008

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For the period around January 20, 2009 there is a scarcity of accommodation options in Washington D.C. A four-night stay, which many hotels are requiring, is going for as much as $40,000 at luxury properties.

Many of those planning to visit during the inauguration are looking up long-lost friends and distant relatives to camp on their floors. Others are being a bit more imaginative: "Your apartment in Washington DC for a week ... for my apartment in Beverly Hills, CA," an ad reads. "It's nothing large, just a smallish 1 bedroom, but it's smack dab in 90210!"

"With this being such a historical event, people are truly making the most out of it," commented Doug Camp, the historic Hay-Adams Hotel marketing director. The Hay-Adams is located across from the White House. Camp added: "It's almost like another Millennium experience."

At the Willard InterContinental Hotel there’s a waiting list for rooms. This is another historic D.C. property, and is the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. finished his famous "I Have a Dream” speech. There’s a four-night minimum here as well, and room rates start from $949 a night, said spokeswoman Barbara Bahny.

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