Thousands of hotels added by Chase International

Hotel News - 17/11/2008

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Agents will have instant access to accommodation availability, including same-day availability, by the TritonRooms portal and also through the TritonSearch platform.

According to Triton, the significant increase in inventory has come as a result of Chase International meeting “stringent criteria” and also providing market-leading online technology.

The operations director for Global Travel Group, Andy Claridge, commented: “The new agreement will provide Triton members with in excess of 40,000 new worldwide hotels, with a huge range of products in the UK and worldwide. It also provides an extensive offering in the Americas, which until now has been missing from our portfolio.”

Claridge added: “Our members can now choose from over 100,000 accommodation units, which is thought to be the largest range and choice in the UK market place.”

Triton has reported that its member are seeing a 30 per cent increase in trading over last year, even in the current difficult economic environment.

The Global Travel Group executive said that the organisation was “embracing the belief, that now, more than ever, the key to our success is based on the four important factors of availability, price, technology and service.”

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