First airplane hotel to open at Stockholm airport

Hotel News - 05/01/2009

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The "Jumbo Hostel" was built using an out-of-service Boeing 747 at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. The hotel will have 25 compact guest rooms, measuring 65 square feet. Each room will feature bunk beds, overhead storage for luggage and flat-screen televisions.

At the front of the plane will be the hotel’s reception area and a café. At the rear, guests will find showers and toilets. The upper ‘bubble’ deck will serve as a conference room, and the cockpit will be transformed into a wedding suite.

The hotel was conceived by Oscar Diös, a Swedish entrepreneur who is hoping that the novelty and the relatively low rates will entice flying enthusiasts, budget travellers and others.

The 747 was built in 1976 and after years of service with Singapore Airlines it was sold to Pan Am and then to Transjet in Sweden. In 2002, Transjet failed and the jet has been parked at the airport’s perimeter ever since.

"We already have 200 bookings," Diös said. "The inside looks very nice and we have designed it in a cool 1970s style. All the staff will wear classic airline uniforms. The plane has space for 74 guests but we are building more rooms in the engine bays beneath the wings, so that number will soon be 82."

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