Ryanair fees add 650 million pounds to revenue

Hotel News - 19/01/2009

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Costs for checking bags on Ryanair flights have increased six-fold since 2006. The Dublin-based airline charged passengers £5 per checked bag three years ago and the amount has risen sharply to £30 on a return flight today.

The budget airline carried 58 million passengers in 2008, and if traffic is similar in 2009, and 50 per cent of the passengers continue to check a minimum of one bag, Ryanair is will see £435 million from checked baggage fees alone.

This amount is based the cheapest option for passengers, which involves booking online and having just one bag to check. Charges increase to £50 for two checked bags and £60 for those who do not check in online.

Booking fees have been increased to £10 per passenger, for a return flight, which is up from the £3.50 charged in 2006 and the £8 that the airline charged last year. Even when a family of four, for example, books in a single transaction, it is still charged £40 in booking fees, even when all charges are paid with a single card.

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