St Kitts helping small hotels survive

Hotel News - 26/01/2009

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This move is aimed at reducing costs of products essential for the business operations of small hoteliers, and is expected that other Caribbean islands will follow suit.

By saving on the purchase of materials the government believes that the small hotel operators will be able to focus on improving quality.

“Part of the scheme is that hotels have to comply with certain regulations as we seek to improve the quality and sustainability of bed stock,” said St Kitts Tourism Minister Richard Skerritt.

Skerritt explained: “We are not interested in helping poor service and poor standard hotels survive. We need to improve if we are to establish a high value tourism product that can be sustained in the future.”

Making his comments at the Caribbean marketplace event held in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, recently, Skerritt said he was pleased that St Kitts has been successful in persuading England’s cricket team to head directly to St Kitts for its warm up game, giving Barbados a miss.

“The recent change in captaincy has led to increased media focus on the team and we are anticipating even greater coverage than we had hoped for,” Skerritt added.

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