Butlins to open luxury hotel

Hotel News - 29/01/2009

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In a departure from its image as a "Hi Di Hi" holiday camp operator, Butlins has announced that it will be opening a £20 million upscale hotel in Bognor Regis.

Their new property, the Ocean Hotel, is scheduled to open in August, and is one part of a £100 million scheme to revamp its resorts over the next six years.

The 200-room resort hotel will be the largest in Bognor Regis, and will feature widescreen TVs, mood lighting, DVD players, private balconies and spa treatments. Many of the private balconies will provide hotel guests with views of the sea or of the South Downs.

Richard Bates, the managing director of Butlins, described the undertaking as the company’s first foray into luxury accommodation, which could provide benefit to Butlins during the economic downturn, as more people choose holidays closer to home.

The company is reporting bookings up by 15 per cent for this summer and is expecting to see 1.5 million holidaymakers during 2009.

“The hotel’s launch is coming at the right time as we see people changing their holiday habits and they might just want to book into the high end at Butlins and that is the Ocean Hotel,” Bates added.

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