Turkish Airlines plane crashes in Amsterdam

Hotel News - 26/02/2009

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The Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 had 127 passengers and seven crew members on board when it crashed, breaking into three pieces on impact in a muddy field near Schiphol Airport.

According to comments made to CNN by Dutch journalist, Maaike Voersma, who works for the De Bers newspaper, a photographer at the crash site reported seeing an unknown number of bodies underneath a white blanket.

Another report came from a passenger on the flight who spoke with the Turkish network DHA, saying that he saw injured people trapped between seats on the plane when he left the plane.

The flight originated in Istanbul, Turkey, and was preparing to land at Schiphol when it crashed at 10:40am local time, according to airport officials.

Photos uploaded to various website showed that the plane had broken into three sections. The fuselage broke in front of the wing area and also in front of the tail section.

It was reported by a passenger that most of those injured had been seated near the rear of the aircraft, where most of the damage was sustained.

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