Edinburgh fashion hotel to open in May

Hotel News - 09/03/2009

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Edinburgh’s "fashion hotel" is said to be the first of its kind in the world, and is set to open in time for this year’s summer tourist season.

It is part of a multi-million-pound development of the former council office site on the corner of George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile. The hotel is joint effort between the Belgian hotel giant Rezidor and the Italian design and fashion house Missoni.

The hotel’s one hundred or more staff will wear uniforms created by Missoni, and some lead staff will wear outfits worth hundreds of pounds.

In a move to make a statement on the street as well as inside the hotel, the partners will situate two four-foot handmade mosaic vases on either side of the entrance.

Rezidor has not been put off by the recent drop off of occupancy rates in Edinburgh or by the recession, as it expects devotees of the Missoni label from countries around the world to travel to stay at the hotel.

Gordon McKinnon, Rezidor’s executive vice president of brands, has reported that bookings for the summer are already strong, even though the 136-room property won’t open until the end of May.

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