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Hotel News - 12/03/2009

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The new brand, which is called Denizen Hotels, is being launched in Berlin at this year’s International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF).

“The term denizen literally means ‘citizen of the world,” according to Ross Klein, who is Hilton’s global head of luxury and lifestyle brands.

He said: “We created this new brand in homage to guests who desire and deserve the best hotel experiences, both on an emotional and functional level.”

Negotiations are currently underway to develop hotels in key cities and resort destinations that include Abu Dhabi, Hollywood, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, London, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York, and Washington DC.

“While we continue to operate in a challenging macro economic environment, the addition of Denizen Hotels demonstrates our commitment to continuing to invest in our long-term growth,” said Christopher Nassetta, the company’s president and CEO.

Renowned architects and designers Charles Allem, Clodagh and David Rockwell will participate.

According to Hilton, the focus will be on “social, interactive spaces”, including communal-style tables in the hotel restaurants and “rejuvenation zones”, which will provide a “personal technology-rich haven” for guests, both before and after checking-in.

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