Micro hotel rooms gain popularity in NYC

Hotel News - 23/03/2009

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The very small guest rooms move beyond budget accommodation, borrowing from the design of berths on a ship or sleepers on a train. Developers of these micro-hotels are betting that travelers will trade a bit of pampering in a small room for a very appealing price.

Hotel guest rooms the size of suburban American bathrooms have taken hold in Europe recently, and as recession continues, interest is growing in the U.S. as well – particularly in high-priced destinations such as New York City, where travelers seldom can find budget options.

"It's certainly the right product for the times," said hotel and travel industry specialist Tom Botts, who works with the strategic advisory firm, Hudson Crossing.

According to Sean MacPherson, the co-developer of New York’s The Jane hotel, the tiny single rooms need to feel "charming and special" and not just small. The hotel has 150 rooms, measuring approximately seven by eight feet.

Guests at The Jane are provided space underneath the bed and overhead for stowing suitcases and clothes, as there is no room for extra furniture in the rooms. Rooms are opening now and will continue to do so in a staged opening that will continue through the end of the summer.

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