Azura sells 15 per cent capacity on first day

Hotel News - 06/04/2009

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A cruise line spokesperson said that the Azura first-day sales achievement did not match the 19,000 one-day sales on Ventura in 2007, however.

Azura, having a passenger capacity of 3,100, will enter service in April of next year from Southampton. A dedicated brochure has been released in advance of its 2010-2011 sailing season.

The managing director of P&O Cruises, Nigel Esdale noted: "Two years on we are in a very different environment. We are realistic enough to understand that attracting the same level of first day sales for Azura as for Ventura was always going to be a major achievement.

He went on to say: “As it is, we have been delighted with the level of bookings for Azura, which forms 15.6% of the annual occupancy for the ship,” adding: “I doubt that in the current climate any other cruise line or tour operator is achieving this level of business in one day which proves that the 'back to the future' positioning of Azura is the right one and that cruising, and the value and quality that cruising offers continues to capture the imagination in the current economic climate.”

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