One room per second sold in Travelodge offer

Hotel News - 27/04/2009

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In a 24-hour hour period, Travelodge UK, the popular budget hotel chain, sold more than 87,000 rooms in its £9 per room promotion.

During the first nine hours of the special room sale, one double room or family room for four persons sold every second – with the balance of the total being sold in the remaining hours of the sale.

Just before midnight – and the end of the sale - the Travelodge tally had reached 36,190 rooms sold at £9, 23,085 rooms at £19 and 27,804 rooms sold at non-sale rates.

The Travelodge UK managing director, Guy Parsons, commented on the success of the promotion: “Our £9 and £19 sales are usually very popular but yesterday was a massive day for us and the UK consumer. It is clear that many people are seeking a bargain in these more difficult economic times and we are able to provide it.”

Parsons added: “Whilst trade is still challenging for everyone, it is very encouraging to see the UK traveller’s faith in our product and the wider Great British holiday offer.”

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