Have a care when driving in Cairo

Hotel News - 04/05/2009

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Beware if you’re planning to hire a car and drive around Cairo’s city streets. Driving in Egypt’s capital can be a crash-tastic experience.

Cars careen through crossings and around roundabouts with seemingly little regards for lane markings, road rules or other vehicles. Even those who like to live life in the fast lane could find more than they bargained for in Cairo.

Part of the problem is overcrowding and the sheer volume of traffic. Although originally built to accommodate just four million residents, Cairo is now home to more than 17 million, most with their own cars, trucks, and motorbikes to clog up the roads. Roads that were once more than wide enough are now scarily narrow, with parking problems leading to congestion throughout the city.

However, the government is well aware of the problem. New fines are in place to punish those who break traffic rules. Some of the main violations include speeding, eating and drinking at the wheel and traveling with a baby in the front seat. The new tough penalties include prison sentences and are anticipated to help calm the situation.

Although it will take a while to readdress the problem, it is hoped that these measures will put Cairo on the road to recovery.

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