Airline figures plummet in April

Hotel News - 11/05/2009

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Most of the airlines in the UK have been reporting extremely low figures over the last few months, often having to cancel flights due to low demand. It had been though that much of this decline was due to the British recession, but similar figures have been reported all around the world.

This trend has extended right around the world to the USA and even affecting many countries in Asia, despite that fact that most airlines have tried to tempt customers with cheap deals and extra air miles.

According to a variety of consumer surveys, money worries aren’t the only thing keeping people grounded. Although financially stable at the moment, many people are penny pinching in the fear that their finances may soon take a turn for the worst. This frugality is mostly affecting the things that people see as luxury items, with exotic holidays topping the list.

However, hopes are still high that the situation will pick up soon. With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, airlines all around the world are putting on the thinking caps to try and come up with yet more unbeatable offers to encourage people to take to the skies once more.

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