Isrotel to charter direct flights to Eilat

Hotel News - 14/05/2009

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An Israeli hotel chain is putting together direct flights from the UK to Eilat in an effort to increase tourism in the area. Currently Brits wishing to travel to the Red Sea resort must connect in Tel Aviv, Israel’s capital city. This week members of the Israeli tourist board travelled to the UK to visit with tour operators.

Currently only a few UK based holiday firms offer holidays to Israel, but talks this week proved productive, said Pini Shani, director of overseas marketing for Israel’s tourism. “There is already good news, but we’re waiting for our new business partners to allow us to announce it,” he added. The Israeli government is also helping out by helping to lessen the economic danger of working there.

With over 200,000 visitors last year from the UK, Israel sees it as one of the major targets to aim at. Although there has been a drop in arrivals in the start of this year, Mr Shani said that he is hopeful that by the end of the year those arrivals would be on a par with last years.

Flights should start in November of this year and the tourist board’s aim is to draw attention to the not so well known parts of Israel. Also a major trade campaign aimed at travel agents may start later in the year to encourage the sales of holidays to Israel.

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