Flight check-in at football stadiums for World Cup 2010

Hotel News - 21/05/2009

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Next year South Africa will hold the football World Cup and with an expected 450,000 fans arriving, airlines have changed their check-in rules to make the process easier on them and the supporters.

Football followers are expected to stay in accommodation all over South Africa and travel to different venues around the country. The idea by Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) is that travelling fans will check-in at football stadiums and travel on any airline regardless of who they booked their tickets with. “The emphasis is on getting passengers moving as quickly as possible,” said Bongani Maseko, group executive overseeing airport operations at ACSA.

The biggest logistical problem South Africa will have is in the first round when there are 32 teams playing in 10 different cities. Airports such as Bloemfontein currently only have 4,000 fans coming in on a daily basis but the stadium can hold over 40,000 supporters.

Airlines and cities across South Africa have long been preparing for the arrival of the 2010 World Cup. However, there are still qualifying matches to be played later this year, before the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) will be able to finish scheduling and allow the hosts to finalise the plans to deal with the supporters and any travel issues.

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