Messing about on the river

Hotel News - 25/05/2009

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For many of us, when we look back on childhood holidays, they were always spent as a family unit. While others told tales of being whisked away to Spain or Portugal and being able to roam wherever they liked for two weeks while their parents sunned themselves on the beach, we were forced to spend 14 long days in a tent somewhere in the UK, playing board games while the rain lashed down.

While this might not have been the dream holiday our friends boasted of, it provided a valuable opportunity to bond with family members.

For those looking to pinch the pennies this summer but still have a magical holiday, taking a narrow boat holiday on one of the canal networks in the UK might be just the thing. Although fairly cheap and cheerful, gliding slowly down the canal is a great way to see the countryside, and most narrow boats come fully equipped with full-sized beds, cooking facilities and tables to play those endless games of cards on. When it rains, the family can simply huddle together inside, warm and dry.

And the best part is that there are plenty of pubs located along the banks of Britain’s canals, meaning that you can simply tie up the boat and enjoy a pint or two in the evening. Heaven.

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