New hotel for Biggin Hill Airport

Hotel News - 28/05/2009

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Over the next 16 weeks, Bromley Council will consult on a plan to build a new 76-bedroom airport hotel. By 2010, building could start on a three to four star structure that would offer 50 permanent jobs to the area.

Biggin Hill Airport has two runways and is mainly known for being a Royal Air Force base, but it now handles private jets, larger company planes and is equipped to handle Boeing 737s. Already in place is a terminal building and Customs facilities, making it much more than just an airfield.

“Biggin Hill is in desperate need of good quality accommodation because many of the pilots, crew and businesses currently using the airport are forced to travel miles outside of the area to stay overnight”, said Airport Director Peter Lonergan. As well as creating 50 permanent jobs there, it would increase employment in the hotel supply chain too.

The hotel is planned to be made out of local materials such as stone and lead-like roofing. It will also house a pilots’ lounge, restaurant and bar with additional training facilities.

Local Biggin Hill Residents Association Chairman, David Haslam, thought the idea was ‘fantastic’ as it would produce more jobs and increase revenue to local businesses and shops.

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