Ryanair charge passengers for spending a penny

Hotel News - 08/06/2009

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If you’re planning to fly with Ryanair you might want to think twice about using the facilities. Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary has recently announced that the airline plans to charge customers a pound every time they use the toilet.

In the face of speculation by leading British newspapers that this was simply a hoax, the airline actually seems to be going ahead with the scheme. There is no fixed date for the commencement of toilet charges during flights at the moment, but it is expected to be implemented within the next two years.

Ryanair have recently announced losses in profit and are doing everything they can to put themselves back in the black. A reporter for the Guardian newspaper commented that the CEO is; “now proposing ripping out two of the three loos on a Boeing 737 to make way for a further six seats, claiming passengers can learn to cross their legs on flights of only an hour or so."

This is just one in a number of changes that Ryanair have been considering, after ruling out charging obese passengers extra for flight tickets.

So, when flying with Ryanair, make sure you take plenty of spare change with you. The cost of spending a penny is now one pound.

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