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Hotel News - 11/06/2009

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Officials at the US airport are looking into new ways to improve customer service and have put out an offer for the private sector to come in and open a pet hotel.

“The Louisville International Airport Authority wants to offer another amenity to the flying public and also is looking for another source of nontraditional revenue,” said the authority Executive Director Skip Miller.

Responses to the request by Louisville International Airport (LIA) have to be in by early July and a final decision will be made in September. Miller said they would like the project to be finished by mid 2010 on the two acre site only a mile from the airport. The pet hotel would offer first class service, training, grooming with pick-up and drop-off services.

Not just a service for people leaving LIA but also for people arriving who have hotel reservations that do not allow pets.

This type of service is becoming quite popular all over America and Pet Paradise, a relative newcomer to the business with four already established pet hotels, says that around 60% of their business comes from people using airports.

So from now on you can also search out airport hotels for your pets as well as yourself.

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