Swine flu deaths rise in New York

Hotel News - 18/06/2009

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New York City health department has also confirmed that the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 1,023. They also estimate that since the outbreak began back in April of this year, that almost half a million New Yorkers have been ill from the virus.

It was still un-clear of the seven new deaths, when and where that they caught the virus and when they actually died. The department posted on its website very few details about the latest deaths, just that they were aged between 25-64 and all were admitted to hospital last month.

By June time patients visiting hospitals complaining of flu like symptoms had fallen dramatically on by June 9th the number was around a third of the May 25th high.

Department officials’ claim that the number is actually lower than that and the information on their website is up to two weeks old because of delays in testing suspected cases. All the statistics are based on reports from 50 hospitals in the city.

On Tuesday Nasau County had confirmed that they had a patient who died from swine flu in her 20’s. She had only given birth ten days earlier. Latest stats there say there are 74 confirmed cases in the area.

For more information on this article please visit www.health.state.ny.us

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