Air France Airbus under NTSB investigation

Hotel News - 29/06/2009

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On June 1st an Air France A330 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Air France Flight 447 was flying to Paris from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Tragically, all of the 228 people on board the plane were killed in the crash.

And just last Thursday two Airbus 330s, which are the same type of plane as flight 447, experienced failures in airspeed and altitude. Fortunately, both planes were able to land safely with no injuries to passengers. However, the incidents have led the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to conduct full scale investigations to discover the cause for these failures.

A spokesman for the NTSB said in an interview by CNN: "Initial reports indicate that the flight crew noted an abrupt drop in indicated outside air temperature, followed by the loss of the Air Data Reference System and disconnections of the autopilot and autothrust, along with the loss of speed and altitude information.”

It seems that the investigators are looking at the potential role of airspeed sensors, which are known as pitot tubes, as a possible cause of the Flight 447 crash. It has been discover that 24 automated error messages were sent in the four minutes before the plane crashed. These messages indicate there were problems with on-board information regarding the plane's speed.

However, the tests are still inconclusive as yet.

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