Air fares hit a new low

Hotel News - 06/07/2009

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As the recession still strongly grips the travel industry, airfares continue to plummet, with some fares having halved in the past five years. It seems that the low number of travelers is forcing airlines to grasp at straws. The good news for passengers is that prices as still dropping.

This week, Jetstar announced a fantastic new offer: $19 one-way tickets from Sydney to Melbourne. With prices so low, many travellers are being tempted to take to the skies once more.

"It's cheaper to fly than to drive these days. The competition between airlines is definitely a good thing for passengers. And although the price is low, it's just like an ordinary flight with Qantas or Jetstar," one passenger stated in a recent CNN interview. "It's cheap - but to me a plane is a plane and if the price is right then that's what I'll go on. It's the best option for a family of four like mine."

As other airlines struggle to keep up, some other great deals are emerging. Delta Airlines is now offering reduced price return flights to Los Angeles from Sydney, while Qantas and Tiger Airways are also cooking up new spectacular offers.

Time to book that last minute flight to Australia before prices start to rise once more.

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