Passenger repairs aircraft mechanical problem

Hotel News - 09/07/2009

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Passengers travelling from Menorca on Thomas Cook flight TCX9641 has been told that their flight would be delayed by eight hours as an engineer was being flown in from the UK to make necessary repairs to the aircraft.

One of the passengers on the flight was a qualified aircraft engineer, however, who offered to try to fix the fault.

He did so successfully, and the flight eventually arrived in Glasgow only 35 minutes later than its scheduled time.

A Thomas Cook spokeswoman asserted that the company followed strict airline procedures, ensuring the man was fully-qualified to conducts repairs on a Boeing 757-200.

The passenger was employed by Thomson Airways, which in fact is Thomas Cook has a reciprocal maintenance agreement with.

According to the spokeswoman: “When they announced there was a technical problem he came forward and said who he was,” adding: “We checked his licence and verified he was who he said he was, and he was able to fix the problem to avoid the delay. We are very grateful that he was on the flight that day.”

Keith Lomax, the engineer from Stirling, was travelling home with his wife following a week’s holiday.

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