Pontins bookings rise by 25 percent

Hotel News - 16/07/2009

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North Wales is seeing booking levels higher than they have been in recent years. Pontin’s in Prestatyn, for example, is 30 per cent ahead of last year, and in fact, five per cent higher than any of the company’s other holiday parks.

The same park saw a 28 per cent increase in visitor numbers this past April, outperforming its local competitors over the Easter holiday, according to a report in the Daily Post.

Jason Brindle, the sales and marketing manager at Pontin’s, said: “Prestatyn is our only camp in North Wales but it’s been performing brilliantly. It has seen a 30% increase, while the others are at around 25%.”

Brindle went on to say: “It accommodates over 3,500 people and has a tremendous heritage. The park has all the ingredients; it is popular and in a beautiful location. Prestatyn had an amazing start to the year and it’s just got better and better.”

Pontin’s in Prestatyn will be undergoing renovations, with most of the work taking place later this year. The work is subject to planning permission, and is part of an extensive programme costing the company more than £50 million to refurbish six of its holiday camps.

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