Jakarta bombers said to be hotel guests

Hotel News - 20/07/2009

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Two co-ordinated bombings were carried out on Friday morning, in which the bombers killed themselves and at least six others and wounded at least 50 people.

It was not immediately clear which terrorist group was behind the bombings at the Marriott and the nearby Ritz-Carlton, according to the national police chief, Gen. Bambang Hendarso. He said at a press conference that the death toll could increase.

Four of the six who died were foreign nationals, the Indonesian Heath Ministry reported.

Two of the dead were identified as Australian, one Singaporean and one New Zealander. One victim was an Indonesian national and the sixth has thus far not been identified.

Eight US nationals were among those wounded, the US Department of State said.

On the Marriott’s closed-circuit video footage, investigators reported seeing a man wearing a baseball cap and wheeling a suitcase moving toward the lobby-level restaurant at the hotel just before the blast occurred.

In addition to the suicide bomber, five others died at the Marriott, according to Inspector General Nanan Soekarna, speaking on behalf of the police.

Just minutes later, another terrorist detonated a suicide bomb at the adjacent Ritz-Carlton hotel, killing the bomber and one other person.

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