Hotels join effort to minimize H1N1 impact

Hotel News - 27/07/2009

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The Lake District is expecting millions of holidaymakers this summer and hotel operators are being urged to learn more about swine flu symptoms and what they should do if one of their guests falls ill.

This call for action follows closely on the National Flu Service launch. The Internet- and telephone-based service provides information and has the authority to prescribe anti-flu medication for callers having symptoms of the disease.

Regional health experts are predicting that between 30 and 40 per cent of Cumbria’s population could be hit by the H1N1 virus eventually, but a spokesperson for the NHS would not say whether this figure was higher in the Lake District because it was a major tourist destination.

The NHS spokesperson said: “We’ve seen far larger numbers of cases of swine flu in places like the Midlands, which is not traditionally a top tourist destination compared to Cumbria.”

She added: “However, the tourist industry has an important role to play in helping to minimise the impact of swine flu. It is essential that businesses know what advice to give to visitors if they do become unwell, and that they are able to offer them the additional help they may need to access the correct health advice.”

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