Riga mayor unhappy about UK stag parties

Hotel News - 06/08/2009

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The city has been popular for some time with Brits heading to eastern Europe on hen and stag parties, mainly for the cheap beer. According to Nils Usakovs, the city’s mayor, other tourists are avoiding Riga because of their rowdy behaviour.

Latvia’s capital is just one of a number of cities in central and eastern European popular with Brits on stag parties – others include Talinn, Budapest, Prague and Bratislava.

The mayor claims that the boozy parties and rowdy behaviour deter others from visiting Riga, where tourism is seen as an important potential source contributor to a struggling economy.

In an interview with Rigas Laiks magazine, Usakovs said: “The only problem is that we have a large share of those British tourists,” adding: “If we also had other tourists, then British visitors who piss about all the time would not be as noticeable. Let's not be politically correct - unfortunately, this is their specialty.”

Overall, the mayor has said that the biggest annoyance is tourists urinating on Riga’s Freedom Monument in the city centre. The monument was built in honour of those soldiers who were killed during Latvia’s war for independence.

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