Butlins hotel opens in Bognor Regis

Hotel News - 13/08/2009

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At that time, he offered the UK public “a week's holiday for a week's pay”, knowing that there was good business sense behind the concept. In fact, droves of holidaymakers did find the camps, the fun and the good prices irresistible.

Butlin, who died in 1980, built one of the UK’s largest domestic holiday operations. He might not have anticipated the latest offering by his company, however.

In Butlins' most upscale offering yet, it has opened a new hotel in Bognor Regis at a cost of £20 million, where guests can enjoy spa treatments and haut cuisine, with menus featuring such delights as confit of lamb, fillet of sea bass and Chateaubriand. All guest rooms are equipped with DVD players and widescreen TVs.

The five-storey Ocean Hotel bears little resemblance to the “Hi-Di-Hi” style for which Butlins became famous – with the Redcoat staff and chrome badges worn by regulars. The company’s bosses are hoping that the hotel will not only attract Butlins’ veterans looking for something a bit more upscale, but attract new customers as well.

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