UK Hotel prices now highest in Europe

Hotel News - 20/08/2009

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According to the latest monthly Hotel Price Index published by Trivago, UK hotels now cost an average of 13 per cent more than hotels in the rest of Europe.

The survey shows that prices at hotels in most European cities have dropped, with 36 of 50 cities reporting decreases in accommodation prices. Overall, room rates in Europe were down by nearly three per cent last month, according to the Trivago report.

Lower prices have not shown up in the UK, however. Wales and Northern Ireland continue to report the least expensive accommodation rates in the UK, with England coming in third – although with rates averaging 17 pounds more per room than in Wales or Northern Ireland.

Scotland showed the highest rates for the month, with average prices almost 60 per cent higher than in other UK countries. The higher rates are being attributed to the cultural festival in Edinburgh over the summer, which typically drives up accommodation prices.

Holidaymakers looking for the best prices on accommodation are turning to Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland, where average hotel prices are the lowest in Europe.

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