Sex club plan for hotel raises controversy

Hotel News - 07/09/2009

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According to a report by UPI, the plan has called for the opening of a new restaurant having a “strong vegetarian/pescetarian” menu for lunches, and at night, a members-only sex club catering to “alternative sexual lifestyles” including the gay and swinging communities. The story continued, noting that the proposal had the support of the top planning official in the city.

Eventually, the plan was rejected by the city's planning commission by a vote of six to five, with the company behind the proposal now protesting the result, according to a statement on the website. Mystiques, the UK-based company behind the plan said that the decision was made was a moral one rather than based on planning grounds.

The plan had generated controversy even before the committee’s vote.

Local residents, including numerous church members, complained that the club “would attract sex offenders to the area, and would make the street a no-go zone for families fearful for their children's safety,” according to the statement on Several members of the planning committee members are closely linked to local churches, which is the main reason that Mystiques is challenging the result of the vote, according to the UPI report.

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