Air Berlin has best budget seats

Hotel News - 19/10/2009

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Prominent budget airline Air Berlin gained recognition this week as their seats were voted the most comfortable of all the budget airlines.

The survey was conducted by UK-based AirValid, which questioned a total of 1,577 passengers on 37 different budget airlines that offered a route leaving from France. The results clearly showed that Air Berlin offered the most comfortable seats as they were far ahead of the other airlines that made the top five, beating Air Baltic, Vueling Airlines, and Meridiana to the premium position.

In order to gain a fair cross section of passengers and their opinions, the airline reviews were collected from September 1, 2008, until September 1, 2009. Only airlines that received one hundred reviews or more were included in the ranking. This was done in order to exclude little-used charter services and make sure that the results reflected the current trends in air travel.

All in all AirCalid collected more than 113,000 passenger reviews, which mentioned a total of more than 1,218 airlines worldwide.

In a recent interview a spokesman for AirValid announced that: "Alongside with the fact that meals and in-flight entertainment can be either charged for or free, comfortable seating is a major criterion in the choice of the passenger according to our survey."

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