British Airways flight mystery as passengers pass out

Hotel News - 02/11/2009

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A mystery in the skies took place this weekend as six people fainted during a British Airways flight from Newark Liberty Airport in the USA to London's Heathrow.

When staff first realized what had happened, they were puzzled as there was no apparent cause for the problem. They quickly took control of the situation, phoning ahead to the authorities at London Heathrow airport to explain the situation.

The plane landed safely at Heathrow's Terminal Five just after 6 a.m. and emergency teams boarded the plane to help the unconscious passengers.

According to a subsequent report by ambulance personnel, the six passengers were treated on board the plane and appeared to be in good health shortly after the incident. In fact, the passengers were given the all clear to continue travelling and it was decided that they would not need to be hospitalized.

In total, the Boeing 777 aircraft carried 216 passengers and 14 crewmembers. At first it was believed that the six passengers might have fainted due to exposure to chemical fumes. However, once the poorly passengers had been revived, the plane was thoroughly searched for hazardous materials by emergency teams wearing protective gear.

The search took a total of two hours while everyone remained on board. However, nothing unusual was discovered and so the cause of the fainting remains a mystery. According to a spokesman from the London Fire Brigade the firemen ran tests to determine whether dangerous fumes were being released into the plane, all of which came up negative.

However, it seems unlikely that six passengers fainting at the same time would be a mere coincidence, and so the investigations continue.

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