Airlines slam Conservatives policies

Hotel News - 10/12/2009

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Airline bosses in the UK have called the Conservative opposition’s aviation policy as incoherent and confused, partly due to the fact of the party’s opposition to a third runway at London’s Heathrow airport.

Chief executive for British Airways, Willie Walsh said he believed they are confused, and would like to know what the Conservative policy is going to be.

He went on to say that he expected governments to have policies that are coherent, and he didn’t see that as a coherent policy.

He concluded by saying that their environmental credentials had been seriously undermined and if it was an environmental issue, they should be saying no to runways anywhere.

The current policy is for airport expansions to occur on a selective basis.

Plans of a third 2200 metre runway and a sixth terminal were announced in January this year by Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon, which has led to widespread opposition from environmental campaigners over the additional carbon emissions, noise and air pollution and destruction of local communities.

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