UK fire fighters to help Haiti in rescue operations

Hotel News - 14/01/2010

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The UK government, emergency teams and charities are coordinating efforts to aid Haiti after the country was hit by a strong earthquake. The 7.0-magnitude quake that battered the southern part of the country’s capital city, Port-au-Prince, is feared to have destroyed properties and killed thousands of Haitians across the Caribbean country.

In a statement, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown had pledged to provide whatever aid the country needs. Meanwhile, a government spokesman informed that no British national has been reported to have died from the disaster so far.

In related news, a team of 61 fire fighters from across the country have volunteered to help at the quake zone. The group will be taking with them search and rescue equipments, and two search dogs.

Mike Thomas, Lincolnshire's chief fire officer, will act as the leader for the UK team. He informed that many of his team members had been in similar scenarios before and that they already knew what to do during rescue operations.

Meanwhile, Peter Stevenson, a fire fighter from Greater Manchester, will be acting as the operation commander when they arrive in Haiti and will be in-charge in searching survivors. He said that a rescue operation can take six to 10 hours, and that the group will be utilizing specialist cameras, heavy breaking equipment and acoustic listening devices for the operation.

The rescue group includes fire fighters from Greater Manchester, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Wales, West Midlands and West Sussex. The fire fighters however still do not know until when they are staying in Haiti.

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