72% of Brits choose their travels online

Hotel News - 19/01/2010

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This year will see a growing number of Brits arranging holiday trips via internet, according to a new travel survey. Crashpadder, an international homestay network, surveyed more than 1,200 Brits and found that 72 per cent of them are now using the internet to read more information regarding their holiday destination, compared to 64 per cent in 2009.

Two thirds of the respondents are currently booking their hotel accommodation and air tickets online, a boost from last year’s 55 per cent. Crashpadder’s survey moreover revealed that travellers are increasingly using the web to take advantage of cheaper prices.

Stephen Rapport, founder of the company, told that the web is a powerful tool when making big purchases like holidays. He said that aside from much lower rates posted in the web, consumers can read hundreds of online reviews on airlines, hotels and locations, as well as compare holiday packages directly. Rapport further added that the internet offers a level of price transparency that travel agents simply cannot provide.

In addition, the research from Crashpadder stated that 8.8 per cent of Brits are not likely to take any travel outside the UK this year. However, figures show the increasing popularity of UK holiday destinations among locals, with 71 per cent of the surveyed Brits planning for a domestic break in 2010 instead – up from 65 per cent last year.

Rapport said that with a number of families in the UK still feeling the pinch of the recent global economic recession, it is no longer a surprise that most Brits are now looking online for the best travel packages and making sure that their chosen trip will meet their expectations.

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