Ryanair passengers stranded at Liverpool Airport

Hotel News - 21/01/2010

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All air travellers who were planning to travel with Ryanair from Liverpool Airport were advised yesterday that they should search for alternative means of transport.

The latest disturbance in flight schedules was caused by industrial action, as air traffic controllers in Ireland went on strike yesterday over proposed pay cuts. As a result, Ryanair were forced to cancel a total of 48 flights, with doubt as to whether there would be sufficient staff available to allow a large number of other flights to go ahead as planned.

Ireland’s three major airports were forced to close for several hours yesterday while the striking came into effect. Bosses from the low-budget airline expressed their frustration with scating comments, accusing those involved in the strike of being selfish and narrow minded.

In a recent press statement, a spokesman from Ryanair commented that: "These overpaid air traffic controllers should agree to substantial pay cuts to reflect the reduced productivity being demanded of them at Irish airports this year."

However, the airline has offered to refund any passengers who were unable to fly due to the striking. There has been no news as to whether or not a compromise has been reached with the strikers, but this seems unlikely at the current time.

With no sign of a truce in sight, passengers who are planning to fly from Liverpool Airport in the future may be tempted to switch airlines. Andy Harrison, who is the chief executive of EasyJet, announced this week that he expects the airline to continue expanding its services to and from Liverpool Airport.

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